DWV Entertainment was spun out of David Wiener Ventures, an internationally acclaimed design and development company focused on innovation of high performance and high style products, fashion, furnishings, electronics and vehicles. DWV Entertainment specializes in advanced audio products and technologies. The first DWV Entertainment division was DW Collection, creator of the limited edition Art.Engine home audio system, created in partnership with Ferrari in Italy. The worldwide attention that this elegant and unique product attracted led to the creation of an assortment of extreme audio products, all made from CNC machined aluminum blocks and fitted with the most advanced sonic, wireless, and other technologies and features. From iPod docks to wireless speakers, DW Collection products exhibit a level of precision, construction, fit and finish that is second to none, and the sonic performance is nothing short of extraordinary.

The Ferrari Art.Engine led DWV to legendary pro audio brand, Aphex, which DWV Entertainment acquired in 2010. Aphex has been the gold standard for music and audio signal processing products and technologies since 1975. Used in every major recording session, live concert, radio and TV broadcast for over 35 years, Aphex technology has also been used in the Ferrari Art.Engine as well as in a variety of products by other manufacturers. One example is Dean Guitars, which makes a line of guitars and basses with Aphex circuitry built-in to enhance the sound quality of every performance.

Aphex currently produces a line of professional audio products, including "500 Series" modules, rack system products, and a new series of USB-connected audio recording and broadcast products for the pro, studio, performance and home recording market.

DWV Entertainment has offices in Burbank, San Francisco and Salt Lake City. DWV and Aphex personnel share a passion for music and technology and all have been performing musicians in addition to having distinguished careers in music and audio. DWV and Aphex products are sold around the world with dealers and distributors in every major market. Some of our friends and product owners include Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen and Jean Todt, Alan Parsons, Peter Gabriel, Pat Metheny, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Victor Wooten and Peter Frampton.

DWV Entertainment, Aphex and David Wiener have been featured in magazine, web and TV around the world. From Fortune to Forbes, Maxim to Playboy, DWV Entertainment continues to create news and exciting products, technologies, apps and goodwill products and programs supporting the world of music and entertainment.


David Wiener grew up playing electric guitar in bands from the age of 9, going to shows at The Fillmore East, hanging out at Dan Armstrong’s guitar shop and living for the music from the first time he spun a record. Customizing his guitars and building amateur speaker boxes to make his junior high school “rig” bigger, led to tinkering, inventing and building all manner of “things” from a gas powered go-kart at 12 to a hydroplane at 14 to a world speed record vehicle at 20. As a student, David majored in art and engineering, studied aerodynamics and was the subject of a PBS documentary. After school, David worked for Time Magazine’s Engineer of the Century, Paul MacCready, before launching his own company, W2 Design in 1982, later to be known as David Wiener Ventures, in Westport, Connecticut, David’s work has involved everything from cars and bikes to aircraft, high fashion, furniture and furnishings, electronics, audio, music products and more recently, music apps. David is also responsible for iconic brand development and globally known work such as the U.S. Ski Team logo, Columbia’s PFG clothing line, the Ferrari Art.Engine audio system, SoundTube speakers and many more, timeless, elegant products. David’s career as a designer, inventor and entrepreneur has provided an endless series of exciting products, businesses, licensing and associations with global brands and elite sports teams. Along the way, David’s driving goals have been simple: Vision. Innovation. Performance. Style. Business.

David Wiener has established himself as a visionary entrepreneur, engineer, designer and business manager. Chairman & CEO of David Wiener Ventures, DWV Entertainment and Aphex, David also has over a dozen patents, most in the area of audio and speaker design, and is the recipient of multiple awards for design, business and entrepreneurism.

Along with the founding of audio companies, SoundTube Entertainment, DW Collection, and taking over Aphex, David’s love of music and audio engineering, coupled with frustration over the lack of funding for music and art programs in schools, led to the creation of Respect The Music. As a not-for-profit foundation, Respect The Music provides a forum to get more support for music and art programs and connect the world's musicians, artists, technicians and educators with the masses who enjoy music but have limited exposure, understanding and respect for the important aspects it plays in everyday life, growth, happiness, health and well-being.